2021 Software Download

Be sure to contact Partner Support to set up your software. DO NOT SETUP YOURSELF. Partner Support Team number is 206-209-2653.

Provided below, are the download link and instructions for the 2021 Tax Software (TY2020). 2021 (TY2020) Software Download Link and Credentials: Download link: Below is your unique User ID and Transmission Password to install the 2021 Software program: User ID: 64942 Password: 4906D9FD

User Login: HILL930

Temporary Password: LaTax123* 2020 (TY2019) Software Download for Data Conversion: If you are using the software program for the first time and need to convert your TY2019 tax data from a different software program, you will need to also install our prior year software program and then run the converter: Prior-Year Download Link: 2020 Converter Setup Link: Standalone / Network Host 2021 1040 Software Installation Instructions: To install the program to a single computer or network host computer, follow these steps below: 1 - Close all applications that are running on your computer. 2 - Double-click the installation file. The Windows Installer will begin loading, and the installation wizard will open. (If prompted by Windows, click "Allow" to run the program). 3 - Follow the on-screen instructions in the Installation Wizard. (Note: the installation wizard will install the program to the C:\xlink21 folder of the hard drive by default. If the program will be installed on a network server, change the destination drive letter to that of the network server). 4 - When installation is complete, click on Finish to open the program and continue to the configuration wizard. The program will open automatically. Follow on-screen prompts to configure the software. More detailed instructions are included in our Quick Start Guide. ( The Quick Start Guide not only contains easy to follow instructions for installing and configuring the software program but also includes other important information about system requirements, configuring your security options, EFIN, preparers, printers and billing schedules plus instructions for transmitting, receiving software updates and much more. An optional Setup Wizard is also available to guide you through the steps required to setup your software. * Important Note: Prior to installation, we always encourage our partners to first review the updated System Requirements (located on Page 6 of the Quick Start Guide), to confirm that your computer or network meets the minimum recommended requirements. If you have any questions or require assistance downloading or installing the 2021 software or with converting prior year data from another tax software program, please do not hesitate to contact the Partner Support Team at 206-209-2653 or email us at We value our partnership and look forward to working with you during this upcoming tax season!

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