Told That You Are Missing Documents?

If you were informed that you are missing documents the following are the required items:

1. PTIN: When prompted, enter our EFIN is 320752. If you have already created your PTIN, login and verify the EFIN being used. If you have your own, use it instead. 2. EIN: If you already have one established for your other businesses, you can use it. 3. Business Name: Check with your State of Secretary Office to make sure the name is available. If you have a business name already, you can use it. If you're unable to register your business name before tax season starts, be sure to before the end of tax season to protect your brand. 4. Business Bank Account: We prefer Chase or Capital One. If the preferred banks are not available where you live, choose the business banking of your choice. In order to open a business account, LLC (articles of organization) and EIN is needed. Personal bank account is only acceptable your first tax season only. 5. Photo Copy of Identification Card 6. Photo Copy of Social Security Card If you do not send these things in by December 1st, you will not be able to prepare taxes for this upcoming tax season. Your PTIN, EIN and business name has to be entered within your software for you to properly complete a tax return. Your ID and Social Security Card is needed for the bank to verify your identity so that you can offer the tax loans. Your business bank account is needed for you to get paid. If you have already sent this information please disregard this email. If not, please get this information in! We understand that if you've recently signed up you will need time but keep in mind that getting these things are important.

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